How to Deal with a Pest Infestation

Discovering you have unwanted guests in your home can be horrifying. Knowing how to properly handle them in a manner that is both safe for your family and effective at eradication can be a daunting task, and you might not know where to begin. Below is a list of simple steps on how to proceed once you realize you have a pest.

Determine What Pest You Have

Pests come in a variety of forms, and it’s important to know which pest has invaded your house, as that could change the method to deal with it. The following common pests come with unique, telltale signs that can help identify them:

  • Termites: hallow-sounding wood, buckling floors, cracking walls, peeling paint, tunnel grooves in wood, and mud tubes
  • Bed bugs: rusty spots on sheets, musty odors, dark spots on the bed, and eggs or small brown ovals, as well as red itchy bites (though these can be mistaken for other insect bites)
  • Rodents: small black droppings, chewed wood, scratching or squeaking noises, and tiny track marks
  • Ants: an unusual number of ants scurrying around, especially congregating over exposed food and pet food, as well as ant nests outside

Secure Anything Tempting to the Pest

Pests can be attracted to your home for several reasons. Some things, like shelter, warmth and wood, are out of your control. However, food left out on countertops can be secured in inaccessible places, and areas that don’t see a lot of use can be thoroughly cleaned.

Call a Pest Control Service

Pest control services can professionally handle an infestation without putting your home or family at risk. Ask around for referrals from friends or google options near you, like quality pest control cape coral fl. Once you’ve found one you like, consult with them on the best next steps and ask for a home inspection.

Your home is your safe space, and you don’t want it interrupted by pests. Taking control of the situation early can ensure the pests get eliminated quickly and that your home is secured against future invasions.