How Plumbers Keep The Water Flowing In A Home

In regard to homes, plumbers are tradespeople who install and take care of the plumbing system. This can include water piping into the home, sewage, and drainage systems. They are licensed in the state in which they operate and need to meet professional standards.

The last thing any homeowners wants to hear is the sound of water rushing when every faucet in the home is turned off. This means a pipe has burst somewhere in the home. While it can be expensive to take care of the problem not doing so immediately can be far costlier. Water can quickly damage wood and drywall and mold can develop within 24 hours. As soon as you hear uncontrolled water in your home it’s time to get on the phone with a plumber so they can assess and repair the pipe that has burst.

As the Wikipedia page on plumbers attests, found here, they offer a number of plumbing services. It takes years of experience and training to become a plumber with many hours spent in the classroom and out in the field. They need to be able to read drawings, figure out how the plumbing systems should be laid out in a home, and know how to find faults in these systems.

Plumbing services include using a professional plumber’s snake to clean out sewers and drains. They can also repair and replace faulty sump pumps that keep water out of crawlspaces and basements. Most states have licensing programs for plumbers who also need to be bonded and insured. Plumbing services Austin TX, for example, are licensed by the state of Texas. There isn’t a federal program in place to manage the licensing of people in this occupation.

As a professional plumber will tell people, the time to prevent damage from occurring to a home’s plumbing system is before it has taken place to begin with. This recent arcticle in USA Today explains how to prevent pipes from freezing and what to do if you have one on your hands. To prevent them from occurring some of the tips are to keep a constant small stream of water running in any pipe that you know could potentially freeze during a cold snap. You should also keep your home warm enough to prevent interior pipes from freezing.

If a pipe has frozen plumbers say that if you turn the faucet on that can be enough to melt the ice blockage. You can also use a hair dryer on the pipe to heat it up. They also say you can try a heating pad or a space heater in the room where you have identified the icing up of the pipe has occurred such as in the garage. Plumbers say to never use a blowtorch on a frozen pipe or a propane or kerosene heater, though. You can easily start a fire doing such a thing. If you can’t reach the frozen part, though, it’s time to rely on a plumber and their professional services. They have the tools and experience to handle the problem and prevent further damage from occurring.