Month: May 2018

Questions to Ask You Electrician

You have an electrical issue at your home and an electrician is on their way to replace it or fix it. You’ve spoken to them in detail about exactly what is going on and they have assured you they can handle the job. That being said, there is a knock at the door and one person is only there when you were expecting a crew. This can be alarming, especially if you are a big corporation or you have a house that is quite huge and needs more than one person to work on the electrical system.

There is nothing wrong with one person working on your wiring and trying to get it back to what it was. However, if you have a complex wiring system and you know for sure that one person is not enough you may have to rethink the hiring of this particular electrician. Often times you can run into where one person swears, they can handle a job built for 10 people. When talking to the electrician make sure you ask who is going to be doing the work. This way you are not disappointed or shocked when they show up at your business or your front door with less crew people than expected.


One thing is for sure, when you find out the rate that your electrician charges you want to get the value for your money. You are not obligated to stay with one electrician even though they’re given you a quote. Make it your goal to get at least three quotes from three different electricians so you can compare rates. This way you have a general idea of what each electrician will charge and how long it will take them. You could find some people charging more for work taking them … Read the rest